Invited speakers;

Plenary Lecture : Nov. 28 (Sat) 09:30-10:20 JST

Computational biomechanics for you and me; success stories from neuro and vascular surgery

Prof. Karol Miller

Director of Intelligent Systems for Medicine Laboratory. The University of Western Australia

Keynote Speech : Nov. 27 (Fri) 09:40-10:20 JST

Challenges in Computer Aided Surgery Researches: Revisiting JSPS Research for the Future Program “Development of Surgical Robotic Systems”

Prof. Ichiro Sakuma

School of

Engineering, the University of Tokyo

Korea Session : Nov. 27 (Fri) 13:00-14:00 JST

A Novel Surgical Robot for Stereotactic Neurosurgery

Prof. Young Soo Kim

Hanyang University Hospital

Development of New Spine Surgery Robot in Korea and Early Clinical Experience

Prof. Seong Yi ,

Severance Hospital

Experience of Korean Surgical Robot : Revo-i

Prof. Koon Ho Rha,

Severance Hospital

China Session : Nov. 27 (Fri) 14:20-15:20 JST


Integrating AI in Imaging, Quantification, and Identification of COVID-19

Prof. Dinggang Shen,

School of BME,  ShanghaiTech University

Intelligent Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices for Minimally Invasive Precision Surgery

Prof. Hongnen Liao,

School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

Thailand  Session : Nov. 27 (Fri) 15:30-16:00 JST


Chaired by Dr.Porntart Pothinam


KKU Vaginal Hysterectomy Robot: From Creation to New Creation with AI

Prof. Daranee Hormdee,

Khon Kaen University


Intra- and Post-operative Complications after Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Surgeries: a 305-Case Series

Prof. Kovit Khampitak,

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Khon Kaen University


New Normal in Healthcare: Thailand Digital Health Initiative

Prof. Chantapat Sheanakul,

UniversitySub-committee on National Health Coverage Development, House of Parliaments


Singapore  Session : Nov. 28 (Sat.) 13:00-13:40 JST


Intelligent Robot-assisted Surgical Training

Dr. Chin-Boon Chng,

Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS


AI for Healthcare
Dr. Matthew Chua,

Institute of Systems Science

Taiwan  Session : Nov. 28 (Sat.) 16:00-16:30 JST

(NOTE: Time changed!)

Surgical education and innovation, cultivating the future innovator

Dr. Wayne Shih-wei Huang,

Showchwan Memorial Hospital

Japan  Session : Nov. 28 (Sat.) 17:30-18:30 JST


Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT) realized by Internet of Things (IoT)

Prof. Yoshihiro Muragaki,

Tokyo Women’s Medical University


Information Support using AI for Endoscopic Surgery

Dr. Masaaki Ito,

Next Medical Device Innovation Center,
National Cancer Center Hospital East

Nov. 27-28, 2020, Online