Preparation of presentation data:

All conference papers will be presented a live share screen presentation in ACCAS2020 Zoom webinar system.

We recommend uploading your pre-recorded video presentation by Nov. 24, 2020 as a backup in case of connection problems. In such a case, a staff member will show the video on behalf of the presenter. Pre-recorded video file must be in an mp4; mpeg, or mpg (mov, avi, pdf, Powerpoint files are not supported). Please name your video
file as: [ID]_[Presenter’s Full Name].mp4 (Example: E99_Hanako Todai.mp4)


  • This backup is only for the case of connection problems. Even if the video is uploaded in advance, the presenter MUST attend the online conference on the day. Otherwise, the presentation will be cancelled.
  • Upload site is sent to presenter by e-mail on Nov. 2nd.
  • Only authors who complete the registration can present at the conference.
Presentation at the ACCAS2020

Conference papers have a 7 minutes slot (5 minutes talk – 2 minutes discussion after your talk). We will be very strict about the timing and will stop you by the chairs.

Presenting authors should join before the start of your session in the virtual room.

Pre-recorded uploaded video will be started by the request of the presenting author or the chairs.

Screen share will be also available. The chairs and the conference control room staffs will manage the sharing properties.

Discussion after your talk will be available on chat in the session room, and the presenting author can respond each question or comment according to the chairs’ suggestion.

Nov. 27-28, 2020, Online